Time History for Jira Cloud & Jira Server

Time History is an innovative product that will help you save time and money when creating your reports.

This plugin allows to use it as:
  1. Time In Status - allows you to view how long the task was in a status of the project
  2. Issue History - can view all changes that have occurred since the issue was created

Try the first month for free, then pay for one and use two plugins at the same time.

Also, the following features are available in the Time History plugin:
Sort changes by date:
Group the changes by 'Changed By' and sort by the date of the change:
Sort by 'Time In Original Value' and group changes by field key:
You can conveniently search, display problems and their changes:
Ability to manage fields to reflect changes:
Manage access to the Add-on by user groups:
Calculate the time between changes of Status, Assignee, Priority e.t., and also including all custom fields:
The ability to create different calendars:
Choose popular time display formats:
Adjust working hours for each day: